Thursday, September 4, 2014

Getting ready for fall.

I figured Anita needed some pants and sweaters for this upcoming season.  
I mean even a princess can't wear dresses all the time.  So I've been stocking up on 
knits and fabric for pants lately.

For the sweater I used a sweet pattern from Sewpony called The Little Betty Top
I love the wide band at the bottom and the wide cuffs!  
I made her a size 3 and it fits very nicely.

For the pants I used the Holly Trousers pattern from Go To Patterns.  
This is the second time I use this pattern.  They look so comfy and she likes 
to wear them.  There is an elastic waistband so easy to run to the bathroom, 
and there are really cute pleats on the front.  

The fabric for the shirt is rib knit I bought from Stoff og Stil.  I tried stenciling again, 
I still haven't washed her shirt so I don't know if it will fade like it did the last time.  
I hope not cause I really love that gold butterfly.

I also got the fabric for the pants at Stoff og Stil I couldn't find it on their webpage but it is a 
very soft corduroy.

I don't know where she is getting her moves from! 

Never tell your model to smile if you want the real thing!

Itchy nose.


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