Saturday, August 15, 2015

More fall sewing.

I made two more things before we went on vacation.
Both were for Anita, pants and a top.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The post with six pieces of clothing!

Warning, this is a long post.  I hope you make it to the end! 

We have one more week of summer holiday and we are having so much fun!
I wish it could last forever!

We spent a little over a week in Denmark with my in-laws and my sister in-law and
part of her family.  Even though the weather wasn't the greatest to start with we had so much fun.
We just hung out, ate some really good food and enjoyed spending time together.
We went to a zoo and a rainforest park and sent the big kids to a theme park.
I'm not sure whether the kids or my sister in-law had more fun patting the animals! :)

Before we left I sewed up a bunch of clothes for the kids that I wanted to photograph on our trip.
Since summer goes by so fast - way to fast, I'm starting on the fall wardrobe. 
Today I'll show you no less than six pieces of clothing for my little munchkins!