Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Verona Dress.

I really wasn't going to buy any more patterns for a while,
 cause I kind of have plenty already - even some I haven't sewn up yet.
But then all my favorite designers start launching new patterns for spring! 
And who am I kidding - I have no self control!!

After following the blog tour for the Verona Dress from Jennuine Design
I just had to have that pattern.

See what I mean - isn't this a great dress?

Anita is very happy as usual with the clothes I make for her.

The pattern comes with many different sleeve options, I did the cap sleeves 
and I love the little notches in them!  There is also an option for cute pockets, 
I would have added them if I had made the dress in a solid color.  
There is always next time around, right?

There are no buttons or zippers to sew - yay!

It fits ok over her head but I should have made the notch 
at the back just a little bit deeper.  

The skirt is done with french seems and I really love 
how nice and clean it looks on the inside.  
The elastic at the back is also a really nice touch.

I made Anita a size 4 and it fits great.

And twirls great

Both fabrics I got from the remnant bin at my local fabric store, Kreaktiv. 

The pattern printed out nicely and everything lined up perfectly 
and the instructions were easy to follow.

It doesn't show all that well but I sewed the collar down with some sequins 
and tiny pearls I got from my late grandmother.  
She was and is my greatest inspiration and role model.  
I have lots of items made by her and they are my most 
precious treasures.  She knitted, sewed, did all kinds of needlework, 
made pottery, made things out of glass.
She could do everything and oh so perfectly and with so much love!

Me and my happy girl in her pretty new dress thank you for stopping by!  

My next post just might include some more from Jennuine Design.


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