Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nice and comfy!

In this post I'm going to continue with a comfortable outfit for active kids, 
and this time Viktor is the star of the show.

Once again I played around with colorblocking the Recess Raglan pattern 
My original plan was to use the Explorer Hoodie pattern,
but in the end I went with what I knew.
I definitely will sew up the Explorer Hoodie another time though.
The pants are the Mini Hudson Pants from True Bias.

Both of these patterns are very easy and sew up fast.  The possibilities for mixing them up with different fabcrics and creating different styles are endless.

The pants are a size 5.
Maybe I should have lengthen them a bit so that they would last longer, 
but that really dosen't matter because I'll happily make him new ones when he outgrows them.

I love the tapered legs.
I am tempted to get the grown up version and make a pair for myself.

I don't think I have too say much about the Recess Raglan, except that I love it!
I posted about it here, here and here.  I also have a few I haven't gotten around to take 
pictures off and blog about.

And as you can see from the photo overload ahead you can do anything in this outfit!

... martial arts

... jump around

... run

... jump some more

... play baseball

... ninja fighting

... play gotcha

... and be a superhero!

Needless to say Viktor approves!

O and the fabric I bought at Stoff og Stil.  

With that we wish all of you who celebrate Easter a very happy holiday!


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